"Future Dreams" is a story of a journey from dream to reality. A success story of a village boy called Sarthak who came from nowhere and became a successful entrepreneur with an unique vision.

Sarthak, a 28 year old youngster living his dream in reality by achieving all the things that he dreamt of since his childhood days. Having many obstacles and heart-broken instances, he chases his dream and finally he made it achievable. He dreams of a car when he first sees a car in his lifetime when he was going to school. He belongs to a very poor family and village where there was less connectivity from the city. From this culture, Sarthak brings himself up and become an owner of a car manufacturing company.

The story connects to every human being living in this world. The story gives a simple message that there will be some hurdles in our way of living but that doesn't stop us from achieving what we dreamt of. The story is based on the priciple of the power of attraction which states that 'whatever we dream to achieve, the world conspires to bring that closer to us'.